Our Story

Yurolife is the result of a shared passion for modern design and development with the incorporation of artistic freedom and creativity. Tendai, along with the ongoing help and support from friends & family, founded Yurolife with the intent to provide customers around the world with access to advanced home decor & designs that inspire ease, comfort and affordability into one place.

Throughout my lifetime, I have spent a lot trying to outsmart vulnerability by encasing myself in a safety bubble, free from any ventures that had any undesirable outcomes such as bankruptcy or failure in general. Thinking this was the best way to live a life, I soon realized I was wrong when I became entrapped in a cycle of repetition and dullness from my unwillingness to take a risk in life. However, through the creative culture of music, art, design, and dance – I was able to overcome a lot of major hurdles in my personal life and overcome my burdening fear of failure. I quickly then learned the importance of risk & the powerfulness of duality. Where risk is not present, neither is a reward. Through struggle and continuous effort, strength and growth are born. Through Yurolife, we plan to spread the importance of creativity and innovation to inspire the community to chase their dreams as I am currently chasing mine.

What is Yurolife

Yurolife is a key component in a multistage home & living brand that is set to inspire the future of home and living for everyone. Technology is similar to art in the sense that they both exercise the soaring heights of human imagination.

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  • Create
  • Redesign
  • Innovate

To live a Yurolife is to live a modern, creative and innovative life. A 'Yurolife' transcends the boundaries of now, rather, a 'Yurolife' brings tomorrow to you – today, by breaking out of established patterns in order to promote a newer way of living. The heart and soul of Yurolife is creativity and innovation.

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