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Our Story

We are Yurolife, a small but motivated company striving to give everyone access to culture, creativity and freedom. Because “Yuro” stands for unity of the spirit, actions, thoughts and feelings which makes up the soul - we believe a YuroLife is a soulful life.

Yurolife is more than a store, we are a gateway that bring people together, to connect in a professional and friendly manner. Which is why we created a strong social community. A community that encompasses four different categories; YuroTECH, YuroSCAPE, YuroHOME and YuroLIVING.

Each of these categories is poised to provide followers with some of the latest updates on promotional discounts, loyalty discounts and many more.

YuroTECH: Technology has become an integral part of our everyday life, which is why we strive to bring products that adds meaning to your life. With support from our community, YuroTECH provides you with a wide range of durable products fully endorsed by our team of experts.

YuroLIVING: Living is doing what you love, what makes you happy, not what others tell you to.

It’s taking photographs with your eyes, then capturing them at random times, saving them deep down inside and not letting them fade away.

It’s indulging in activities that sprinkle happiness to the soul, and those around you.

Why just exist, when you can live?

YuroLIVING aims to provide you with a catalogue of products that help you enjoy your lifestyle a little more. We help you complete the remaining ingredients needed to encourage, ease and lessen the stress.

YuroSCAPE: With life, there is no certainty; only adventure. Adventure in the escape, in passion, in living.

Whether your next adventure takes you into forests, arid deserts or even into foreign counties and countries. Be rest assured that YuroSCAPE caters for all the essentials you need to make the most of your next eSCAPE.

YuroSCAPE will set you up for your next adventure - from camping gear to road trip essentials, and all the things in-between. All you have to figure out is, where!

YuroHOME: Create. Design. Innovate. The three main pillars that form YuroHOME.

YuroHOME strives to transform houses into homes, by incorporating creativity and uniqueness with high-quality products at cost-effective pricing.

These products ranges from decor to accessories, stylishly designed to compliment your home.

With a motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative ways to get the best to you, so you can enjoy a long-lasting and “Yuro-ful” life.