Stainless Steel Oil Pump Spray Bottle


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Cook the perfect meal these coming holidays by using our Eco-friendly oil spray pump bottle. Focus more on the flavour of your dish instead of how much oil you pour into your cooking by using this refillable spray bottle. 

Manufactured from high-grade stainless steel and see-through glass, the spray bottle looks to find a home in your kitchen by being stylish & elegant, and also being eco-friendly and reusable!

Specifications & Features

- Stainless Steel & Glass Design

- Colour: Silver

- Capacity: 135mL

- Leak-proof

- Excellent for spraying ingredients whilst roasting, cooking or baking

- Can also be used with liquids such as Soy Sauce, and Vinegar. 

- Eco-Friendly


Redesign the look and feel of your kitchen today by adding stainless steel spray bottles into your arsenal of kitchenware and promote a more eco-friendly environment at the same time. Limited Stock Available!

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